Dulce Senos

March 11, 2011
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Dulce Sueños means Sweet Dreams
Sueño means I dream :)

Sueño how I will grow up to be a young beautiful lady.

Sueño with my Quinceñera that long beautiful dress, being the princess I am.

Sueño with the love of my life.

Sueño with how many kids I will have or what gender they will be,

Sueño how my first kiss will be like,will my lips be chapped or cracked or dry.

Sueño on my first date.

Sueño with how my love of my life will propose to me and what will I say.

Sueño with my husband telling me not to cry on our wedding day because I will ruin the makeup and there is no time to redo it.

Sueño with my dad walking me down the aisle ready to hand his little princess to the man he trust,

or how my dad will whisper into my future's husband ear to take really good care of me.

Sueño how I will grow old with my children taking care of me.

Sueño how I will die beside my husband,
Sueño of every thing I lived from Sweet Dreams to ugly nightmares.

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