My Dark Twisted Fantasy

March 11, 2011
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Stepping forward, stepping backward.
Tantalising, intimidating.
So very, very tempting.
Disrupting any possible intervention
of wisdom, of caution.
Of sanity.
An illusion so obvious
I wonder if it isn't real;
for illusions don't usually come
with warning labels.
Yet, I'm afraid to
reach out and touch the screen
that clouds reality;
I don't, in my heart of hearts
want to break the spell.
Mesmerised, I am drawn
to this wrecker of everything prudent;
so appealing, so irresistible
so decidedly wrong.
In a normal, predictable world
we would repel each other;
we would fight each other.
I would shun its existence
it would try to ignore mine.
But in this heady, semi-hazed dimension
opposites magnetically attract.
People get into things
that are, so glaringly
not right for them.
I now look back at who I was
when I was lost
in my dark, twisted fantasy.
I see my words
I see what I believed
and I hsake my head in awe
at who I had become.
I had lost all sense
of truth, lies and time
I had lost the perspective
that made my decisions mine.
I thought I was too wise to be
taken in by a dark, twisted fantasy
But now it's clear, now I see
what I'd scorned, never believed.
Behold, my dark twisted fantasy
a part of me you'll never get to see
a piece of hell mixed with heaven on it's knee
with large eyes, innocent indeed.
And when your secrets are known
to someone who, like a star, shone
you realise, belatedly, that your heart's been torn
your world lain bare, far away from home.
Do you understand, can you see?
The innocent twinkle of dark fantasies
Lies and truth you will never tell apart
drawn as you are, try and save your heart.
Beware your dark fantasies
let them be no more than dreams
from your consciousness let them slip
instead of holding on by your fingertips
For these charmed thoughts, if allowed to stay
will take everything in your world far away.

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