Hello '09, Goodbye '08

March 11, 2011
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Goodbye ’08, Hello ‘09

This year is a bad year
Every body going away
Family members losing lives
Tomorrow isn’t promised on ‘08
But a change is sure to come in ‘09
So keep your head up little soilder
A new beginning is on the way
So don’t worry about the bad little homie
‘cause the good is almost here
’08 was a pretty rough year almost as bad as 9/11
But again we got to stay strong
The lord told us not to fear
Fore his going to get us through the storm
Let him grab you by the hand
And guide you through it all
Because this year is proof that tomorrow is not promised
Little boys getting killed on Halloween night,
Just wanted some candy that’s was all
A women and child killed in the middle of the night
Because of a storm
Family members dying for no reason at all
But don’t worry is what they say they’re in a better place
Babies born died so another woman can deal with pain
But don’t worry they’re in a better place
Is the only thing they can say
But me
I say what ever ‘cause it isn’t okay
’08 was suppose to be the year but it isn’t
I can’t wait for it to be through
How about you????

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