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March 11, 2011
By Anonymous

The Invention of Colors!

One day, the people of the land were gathered around the campfire telling

stories. At the time there was only light (white) and dark (black). The elder of

the group was telling the story of how the world came to be. And while telling

the story, he lifted his hand rapidly across the fire. In doing that, he released

an energy across the land. This energy brought a color into the world. They called

this newfound energy “red.”

After that, the people became curious. They started trying to bring energy

from anywhere possible. One villager tried pulling energy from the sun. When he did

this, the energy came striking down in the form of lightning. The energy put a new

color to the world. They decided to call this color “yellow.”

Another villager began trying to pull energy from the grass. When he did this

and energy rushed out, and sent a new color to all the wildlife in the world.

The next villager pulled energy from the water. They called this new color

After they found all these colors, they began to blend the new colors together. They

created the colors brown, orange, and purple using energies from all over the

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