One Year Later

March 6, 2011
By Anonymous

One year later
Falling apart at the seams
Collapsing in despair
Pain hidden from the world
Eyes guarded to shield the pain from shining through

One year later
Heart broken
Scars still raw and open,
Never healing and never closing fully

One year later
Acting fine
Acting Normal
But inside always weeping, always screaming

One year later
Denying and ignoring friends noises of concerns
But wishing someone would try harder to see
The pain hidden behind the shields put up to protect her

One year later
Mental state broken
Depressed and going crazy
Tight control slipping away
Losing control of emotions, thoughts and words

One year later
Tired of hiding herself away
Losing the facadee
And showing the world
The pain and the mess
That I am

One year Later
Trying to recover everyday
Sometimes winning the battle
Sometimes failing
But always, always trying to fight

The author's comments:
This was written on the one year mark of when my mom had died and represented how I was feeling on that day and the period of time that surrounded that day.

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on Apr. 2 2011 at 8:41 pm
writingfashionista BRONZE, Mason, Ohio
3 articles 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
Attittide is Everything

Thanks so much!

on Apr. 2 2011 at 8:15 pm
nickykens ELITE, Draper, Utah
134 articles 2 photos 86 comments
Beautiful.  The last stanza is absolutely my favorite.  It was very good.


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