Reality of a Dream

March 8, 2011
Your here again
telling me we could be friends
I don't need your lies
your false alibis
you tell me right
you tell me left
steer me till i have
nothing left
what can i say?
i know i can't do anything
right in your silent cold eyes
Scream at me
Laugh at me
You hit me again
and again
In the end what does that make you?
I hid the pain
I am to blame
All i knew was taken from me
flames still haunt my dreams
Screams turning to deaf ears
I am hiding behind a mask
the lies
you gave
for a half Wit life
in the end
the flames will win
divulged again in greedy hunger
not satisfied with
just two lives
Now where are all the lies
to Protect you now?
My selfish killer?

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