Accidents Will Happen

March 8, 2011
By Anonymous

My eyes were open.
They saw everything.
You, standing above me,
Knife in hand.
Tears dripping down your cheeks.
I tried to get up
But couldn't move.
You got on your knees,
Leaning down,
Placing a hand over my mouth.
I would've screamed
But no noise came out of my throat.
A warm hand, yours,
touched my chest
Right where my heart was.
I saw you panic,
Heard you whisper,
"What have I done?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."
I couldn't tell you it wasn't okay.
You picked me up.
I tried to resist, but my body remained limp.
I was carried outside
Into the night
Into the woods.
You dropped me in the dirt.
Protesting was not an option
For a silent mouth.
My eyes stared straight forward
As I wondered what
You were doing behind me.
I felt mud spray my back.
I heard the sharp scrape of
Metal against rock.
Like nails on a chalkboard.
Hands wrapped around my waist,
Lifted me up,
Let my limbs hang down.
Then suddenly,
Lowered gently into a hole.
You looked down at me,
Looked into my unblinking eyes,
Said goodbye,
And pushed the dirt in around me.

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