Disappearing Smiles

March 8, 2011
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Your smiles have disappeared,
There is no apparent cure.
Exhaustion is your only excuse,
But even I can see through that ruse.

It’s only her for you,
And I’ve missed my cue.
My role is second best,
Yet, I refuse to be suppressed.

On you go,
You are my fated foe.
In the way you stand,
As does the trickling sand.

My life is never easing.
Neither is your incessant teasing.
Go away, I truly wish
Yet, you, I will truly miss.

Constantly, I am at war.
As are my feelings, forever torn
Towards you I lean,
Then you turn into a cruel, evil fiend.

To the other one I look,
Then you tempt me with your deceiving hook.
A decision, I have to make,
And it could be you that I forsake.

That is why the smiles left.
It could be that you feel regret.
Despite your feelings, I must choose,
Is it to be me, or is it to be you?

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