I remember

March 8, 2011
By Mareena BRONZE, Superior, Colorado
Mareena BRONZE, Superior, Colorado
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I remember running through a field in a Winnie the Pooh dress and white sandals, letting the over grown flowers brush against my arms and neck as I pass by

The silent horror film my sister and i made, where i was stabbed to death by a plastic fork and was later resurrected to kill my killer with a spoon

I remember my mother giving my two rings that were a little too big and losing one while trying to wrestle my dog into her collar

Wondering why people on TV screamed when they broke a bone after I broke my arm and later finding out that my mother and I don’t feel pain on the level as everyone else

I remember holding my sisters hand as stared into the glowing water of the swimming pool and wondering if all water glowed like that at night

Nearly drowning trying to save my sister, only to find that she was just playing around

I remember walking home on a cold winter’s night and touching where the icy wind had been nipping at my face

I remember walking back from Starbucks with my sister and singing to Nirvana at the top of our lungs

I remember hitting every branch on the way down

The sunset he compared me to

I remember the hole that formed in my chest when she tried to commit suicide

My dad showing me how to play my first computer game, Battle Beast

I remember my first fight and my first love

And how I got each of my scars.

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