Summer Is Here

March 8, 2011
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After all the difficult test,
I can finally rest,
Take a load off from all the stress,
Summertime is the best,
It’s that time of the year,
Summer is finally here,
Full of joy and cheer,
Sun is out,
Coast is clear,
Today let’s explore under the earth’s sky,
Happiness not a single cry,
The season of excitement,
Don’t ask why,
Discover and never deprive,
Seek all options you can try,
Go shopping buy supplies,
Purchase glasses; cool shades,
Go to the beach feel the waves,
Makes friends; go play,
Relax in the sand; just lay,
Party until the next day,
To everyone,
Be sincere,
The hottest season,
Tell a peer,
Summertime is finally here.

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