Could it be?

March 6, 2011
By Marlene_A. BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Marlene_A. BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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All I knew was that if I didn't at least try, I couldn't live with myself. The risk seemed easier to face than settling into a life of compromise.

You asked what my greatest fear was,
I said it was snakes.
You laughed and held my hand.

As you held my hand,
you slowly grasped my heart.

You asked, again, what my greatest fear was,
I said it was the ocean.
You smiled and hugged me.

As you hugged me,
I memorized your scent.

You asked, once more, what my greatest fear was,
I said it was heights.
But this time,
you didn't smile, hold my hand nor hug me.
Instead, you turned away and said:
"You never give a serious answer."

Could it be,
because my greatest fear is loving you,
and you not loving me back?
Me not being good enough?
That somewhere down the road I won't be enough.

So I turn to you,
hold your hand, smile, hug you and whisper:
"Could it be because I'm scared of us?"

You squeezed me tighter and said,
"Could it be that I love you so much it scares me too?
But it's okay,
we'll make it."

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