The War Inside the Cage of Understanding

March 6, 2011
By pitzawonder SILVER, Oskaloosa, Iowa
pitzawonder SILVER, Oskaloosa, Iowa
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What is right?
What is wrong?
I long to find the answer
It seems so simple
One or the other
But the answer isn’t carved in stone
The answer prances around me
Laughing, pointing
It seeks for me to loose it
I can’t stop entertaining it
So simple, so complicated
Someone please help me find the solution

Where is the justice?
Where is the law?
The world rages war over something it can’t comprehend
I’m stuck in the middle
My conscience confused
I cannot bring myself to decide
I feel I know the answer
But where is the evidence?
Does the solution reside on one hand, or the other?
All I need is a sign
A landmark, a guide
But there is none, and I am stuck alone at crossroads

The world is angry
It begs me to decide
But my body will not move an inch
I am wallowing in pain
In hurt and confliction
I scream at the chaos to tell me which way
But it is silent
And I am alone
I sit and wait for the answer
The answer walks in the dark
Hiding and waiting
Waiting for me to make a decision

Every time I try,
Evidence shows the opposite
My Heart and Head are at war
Is it on one side?
Or the other?
Or somewhere in between?
I change my perspective
Trying a different view
But it only boggles me more
Is it simple?
Is it complicated?
Is it something beyond my comprehension?
I call out
I scratch at the walls
Begging them to let me out of here

I scream
I throw my body in rage
Why can’t I figure this out?
Please tell me
Show me
Because I can’t take this any longer
This confliction
Is more than I can take
Now I fear I soon may die
I am desperate
For a peace
A peace everyone else seems to know

I don’t want this struggle
It’s wearing me down
It’s like a grudge I cannot loose
Don’t leave me here
Alone and confused
Chained to my Heart and Head
They slowly pull
Tearing me apart
Only wish for one thing
If I decide
They will stop
But even with their motivation it’s impossible
I only wish for
Peace inside my mind
Please stop the war inside

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I sometimes struggle with my faith's morals. I hope to reach others who feel stuck in the middle. People who feel like me.

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