Cool Baby Hushjaw

March 11, 2011
By rohmontgomery BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
rohmontgomery BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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Cool Baby Hushjaw
R.O.H. Montgomery
Cool baby Hushjaw, buildin’ the day
Dampen your palms and mat them with clay
Holster your pickaxe and don’t stop to pray
You are the reason for every day

Shake off their anger; tear off your chains
Kick down the walls and throw down your reins
No time to fester; no time to restrain
We are all aching for you to obtain

Hot-headed stone face, winnin’ the race
Smother your heart with wide, open space
Say all that you want; step off the base
Your are the ace of the whole human race

Limited by inhibition, shaken up by shame
Insecure as malediction, comfortably tame
All I want and all I need is sprawled across your name
All I think I’ll ever need is freeing you from gain.

The author's comments:
The piece is about freeing yourself from your insecurities and looking at your burdens as less stressful than you currently perceive them.

It's also about letting go of the desire to be excessively wealthy and to, instead, live a self-actualizing life of simple happiness.

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