Dear They

March 6, 2011
By , Rockford, MI
My world hangs from a thread,
It is pulled, broken, and spread,
When things don't get to me,
They say I'm blind, that I don't see,
But I'm not blind, I'm not dumb,
I believe I'm just eternally numb,
I don't feel as most people do,
From all the pain I've gone through,
I feel the tears everyday,
Only they're forced in different ways,
I've taken out a knife,
Thought about taking my own life,
I'm sure this isn't what they meant,
But the message was sent,
I'm scarred now,
And I bet they wonder how,
Maybe it's finally time to break free,
To stand up and be me,
So here I go,
Hope I don't mess up though,
Dear They,
There's something I want to say,
You have been mean to me so long,
Are you the players and me the ping pong?
'Cause it sure feels like that,
Being passed around getting smacked,
"Haha, what now?"
"Dude, I'll show her how!"
Yeah, what an accomplishment,
You took an innocent ping pong and made it bent,
Was it really worth it?
Every single hit?
I could've taken my own life,
Because of your knife,
Now whether this poem is a lie or the truth,
I hope you'll think about what you do.

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