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March 6, 2011
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7:00 AM
I roll over to my stomach
A cloud of sheets entangle me
My knotted hair is stuck to the drool
Coating my chin
My joints crack in protest
Of my necessary early wakening
7:00 AM
My screeching alarm masks the chirps of any spring birds
Darkness seizes the room even as my eyes open
I fall onto the carpet floor
Unfamiliar, I grow frightened
Cranky commuters honk at each other
As to remind me of home
Loudly from my bedroom window
7:00 AM
I crawl to the evil box
Causing the dreadful interruption of my
Much needed sleep
And peaceful dream
Confused at first
Where am I? What am I doing?
I feel my surroundings
The twin bed and cozy blanket
I realize
I am finally home

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