Old Man Winter

March 6, 2011
By Anonymous

They say you are King of Cold,
Master of Blizzards,
Conqueror of Warmth,
and Lord of Ice.

You lay your white blanket along the ground,
signifying your icy reign.
You brought death to our world for nothing grows,
you scared away geese, doves, mockingbirds and crows.
You caused bears and other mammals to fall into a deep sleep,
you brought silence to our world since I don’t hear a peep.

You took away our beautiful colors-
red, orange, yellow and green-
instead, you replaced it with the empty, dull colors of white and grey;
and that my friend, fills my heart with dismay.

You enjoy torturing us with your nasty tricks;
you unleash your terrible cold and icy winds so that we may freeze,
you create slippery ice so that we may fall and break our knees.
And just when it seems it’s about to warm up…
BAM!! You unleash a monster blizzard and laugh at our grief.

However, your tyrannous ways is about to be over;
for I hear the sweet music over the hills of Dover.
The music of spring terrifies your heart;
It tears your icy kingdom apart.
It melts away your frosty soul,
and forces you to run away; never returning until next year.

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