Poem for writing fiction and poetry

March 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Maguire said,
Write a poem
imitating Langston Hughes'
style, but not wording.
Make it your own.

Not as easy as it sounds right?
I am a man of seventeen, born in Chicago.
Cars raced past my apartment window,
day and night
I attended public school there, then at Sandburg
here in Orland Park.
There are not many students like me in class.
The steps I take do not lead me home.
A neighborhood so still, so silent
Instead they take me to a place of unfamiliarity.
Even where I sit is uncharted territory

It's not easy finding out who I am
at the age of seventeen. Guess what?
It's clear and certain that I am no one,
nothing of importance... Yet.
I love watching sports,
and singing my heart out.
I love being social,
but the same time I like being alone.
Which is the real me?
I am a Gay, Mexican- American.
So when this poem is written
will the message change into the Mexican,
or the Gay Pride flag?

Being me, this poem will not be normal.
However it will speak
to students, teachers,
and maybe to you Maguire.
This may be the work
of a young inexperienced poet.
However it is all me
and my eccentricity

This is my poem for Writing Fiction and Poetry

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