Writer's Block

March 5, 2011
By Abirdwithoutwings PLATINUM, Medford, Oregon
Abirdwithoutwings PLATINUM, Medford, Oregon
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When you long with all your heart for someone to love you, a madness grows there that shakes all sense from the trees and the water and the earth. And nothing lives for you, except the long deep bitter want. And this is what everyone feels from birth to death.

a blank sheet of paper
Writer’s block
she clicks her pen
again and again and again

tap tap
click click
tap tap tap

a glance at the clock
the second hand ticks by

tick tick tick
tap click
tick tick
tap tap tap

seconds feel like hours feel like days
her heart beats in her ears
pounding like a drum

thu-thump thu-thump
tick tick tick
click tap click
thu-thump thu-thump
tap tap
tick tick tick

she can’t take it anymore
jamming the pen in her arm
she drags it down her forearm
blood drips on the paper
staining white with red
spilling the words she’s long been searching for

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