March 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear Spencer
I once held onto every word you spoke
When I was crushing on you
In the beginning
I asked for your number

Did you remember that night?

You asked me why I asked for your number.
I wouldn’t tell a damn thing

You were so frustrated
I lead you on a road of hope
Of power to be a man
When you wanted to cry

I was just your girl
From listening to your words
Either or putting up with your I don’t care attitude

I was your best friend
And now we are drifting away
As far as we are allready away
From each other

I’m in Wisconsin
And you are in Florida

As people may say distance relationship
Dosen’t work

I’m starting to believe in it
Since I’m losing you
My big brother from another mother
I love you

As you love me
But frighten to speak of the word
Because of pain
But tonight, I would cry
You were and are worth everything I put up with
All the time I spent talking to you
All the trust I had on you, Spencer
I love you<3

The author's comments:
if he is reading this, probably not. but i wanna say the hardest thing is letting go when you want to hold on...ttfn

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