Contradicting the contradictions

March 5, 2011
I’m drowning,
in the imperfection,
of a perfect world.

I’m dying,
in the insanity,
of a sane reality.

I’m falling,
in the shattered shards,
of a whole universe.

I’m constricted,
in these prison walls,
of a liberate realm.

I’m overwhelmed,
from all this incongruity,
Nothing is truly something,
Something means nothing at all.

I’m disconcerted,
they tell me I’m not normal,
but what is typical,
when the ordinary is so unusual.

I’m realizing,
nothing is truly something,
and so-called “normality”,
is just a stupid technicality.

I’m understanding,
you must unravel the truth,
and uncover the network of lies.

I’m learning now,
that you must double-check reality,
to see it’s just one more illusion.

I know now,
That in this warped actuality,
of inconsistent consistencies,
you must contradict the contradictions.

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