March 5, 2011
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Survive one look
Take the chance
He smiled back
He knows
Can he see
No he can't
You wish he did
Maybe he'd come to you
His eyes pull you closer
So you must go
Balance your way
And then you are there
You sit beside him
His smile tells you
He has been waiting
Maybe as long as you
He has his kin
And one friend
And among all the people
You are in euphoria
Because you've dreamed
About this
You play with his group
He loves that you care
You love that he knows
You spent the time
Spent away
And when the time comes
For you to go
It is so hard
But you are pulled
But one quick lie
Brings you back
Only for a moment
And you use that time
To share what you feel
Among all the leaving people
You show him you care
He knows what you mean
It was his idea first
And he practices his thoughts
And as you kiss
You know there should be something
a spark
a glow
But there is not
As you leave
Getting what you got
You think to yourself
That was for a reason
But you ignore it
Cause signs can be bad
Signs can say when things are
But most are bad
For you anyways
So away you go
Loving each other
the questions start
you ask them lots
he takes the chance
to lie again
u gave him your heart
he takes it
for awhile
but then he throws it away
because what you didn't see
the first time of the eyes
was that he takes
and that is all
does not give
but just may say
that he loves you
but he can act
which is all lies
you took a chance
and it was taken
and u feel lost
taken for
cry now
keep thinking
but you are scared
he will stay
melted in
your mind

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