the perfect night...

March 5, 2011
By hikaru-nara-kheel DIAMOND, Perkasie, Pennsylvania
hikaru-nara-kheel DIAMOND, Perkasie, Pennsylvania
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\"...because we all know...magic does not work through the phone.\" -Tomoko Katsu (my character)

i close my eyes
listening to my music
and when i open them again
you are there...
everything seems so perfect
the electricity is strong between us
you are dressed beautifully,
your hair flawless
your smile sweet and
we are holding hands
as we walk outside in the quiet
and the sun sets
fireflies light up the night
as the slight chill comes
i drape my coat over your shoulders
you blush slightly
and thank me quietly
i smile and can’t resist any more
i stop walking
and you stop as well
and look back at me
with confused eyes
and simply adorable face
i lean in, eyes closed
and kiss you softly
our first kiss
this moment... so perfect
but when i lean back
and open my eyes
i am in my room
under my covers
looking up at my slowly moving fan
and i ask myself
'why...did i have to close my eyes then?'
'why...did the perfect night... have to stop?'
'why...couldn't i live in that dream forever?'

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