the girl...

March 5, 2011
There is a person looking back at me
She looks so sad
Her expression broken
She has eyes that constantly change colour
Just like me
Brown hair that flows to her shoulders to her perfect chest
Just like me
And is wearing dark clothes and no make up
Just like me
I look at this girl as she looks at me
We both show pity
I know that she is thinking the same thing as me
That the person we are looking at is so beautiful
So why is she sad?
I reach out to her
And she reaches for me
But as our hands drew close
They were stopped by a cold barrier
We look at our hands
Then back at each other, longingly
She looks like the only person i could ever connect with
The one person that feels what i feel
That sees what i see
So why?
Why must this mirror keep us apart?

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