how far is too far?

March 5, 2011
How far is too far?
is it when the person snaps?
or just when they start to bend?
is it when you start to realize you are wrong?
or when the person won’t talk to you for a while?
when are you forgiven?
is it you apologize?
or when the person starts talking to you again?
is it when the person forgets?
or when their wounds heal?
What happens the next time it happens?
is the other person going to snap faster?
or bend slower?
is it going to take you longer to figure out that you are wrong?
or do you think they can handle it this time?
Are they going to forgive you this time?
is it something that is forgivable?
or are you even worth forgiving?
is the wound going to heal this time?
or will it scar, something to never be forgotten?

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