March 5, 2011
By IK2011 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
IK2011 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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The night is young
The sky is dark
Here I am walking
Within City’s shelter.

The night’s people are
tempting me.
But I must ignore

For I have family, no?

Yet I walk and walk
and arrive in a lush meadow
far from City’s haven.

Night’s inhabitants
how gorgeous they look!
Sparkling and clothed in silver
Their Queen, sweet Luna
In regal robes and at her peak!

Ah, daughter
She speaks.
How I’ve missed you so!

I, have by now
forgotten my voice.

Have you not noticed?
How you are puissant with night?
And dying with day?

Have you not noticed?
How you forget land,
once you set eyes on sea?

City, my protector,
spreads its arms.

Do not leave!
Have I not sheltered you
from birth?
Have I cared you
for naught?

You are one of my children,
My diamond child.

I think and think
wonder and wonder
My birth mother?
My heeding mother?

I pick, I choose
I spread my wings
For the first time.

I reach for the skies
I fly and fly
I join my mother
As Princess of the Night.

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