Fierce Sensation

March 5, 2011
By MaryyJane-eyes PLATINUM, Raytown, Missouri
MaryyJane-eyes PLATINUM, Raytown, Missouri
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All you need is love:

I’m on the top of the lighthouse, looking out upon the open sea.
Currents, crashing unto the pearls of sand, oh the land, is so much richer these days.
And so is your Dancing Wind. Crawling. Into the rivers of insides. Twisted.
Yet so, along, with a throng in the absence, madness, and so much sanity it’s making me fly.
To this I owe you, to these lines I ask you why?

Boldness, bravery in the heart. It’s a start. While these pumping hearts are slowly dying.
He’s not crying, but oh is his mourning eyes solemn, swallowed, deep into trenches.
Benches to sit down, around, and ponder the enthralling light. You are such a delight in the night.
And I cherish this diamond. This rare find. This capture. Yeah, it’s so right.
And you know that your future is bright?

Dancing demons come out and play. Pickup sticks. Broken bodies. Destiny waits for the slow man.
The grown man. The leader. I’ll follow you. It’s true, I’ve got a master plan.
And it’s coming like a storm in the ambiance of your mind. This you’ll find, you might never feel the same.
When you came, this time the fountain didn’t sink. I wouldn’t blink. And the Searching has come to cease.
With peace, I give you this beating red thing inside me. I believe it’s yours. And it’s wonderful.

The author's comments:
To everyone who is searching for love.

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