Rebels & Regrets

March 5, 2011
By SyddieG GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
SyddieG GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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"Just keep asking why. You'll have your answer when they can't answer any more."

Rebels with a cause
May not fall short of their plan
May not turn back

Rally all the rebels
Stand tall for your beliefs
Wave you flag
Speak your name
Belt it out

But be warned,
It may not be easy
The path is perilous
With many an obstacle

You have a cause
a reason
a method to the madness

and for that you stand

You fight, knowing you may die
Knowledge that you may lose
May cause moments of hesitation

But be warned
Those mere moments
of hesitation
May hinder your fight

So press straight on
Don't look back, want to go back

It is too late to go back
True rebels have made their stand
So radical, no time to changed minds

No regrets.
No cause for regrets

Rebels with a cause
have no cause for regret

The author's comments:
Rebels with a cause have no cause for regret.

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