What Cannot Be Defeated

March 5, 2011
By SyddieG GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
SyddieG GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Just keep asking why. You'll have your answer when they can't answer any more."

How can that talkative girl
be a loner
How can that ray of light
be depressed

How can the cheer captain
be considering suicide

One does not know

A bundle of life on the outside
But immersed in darkness inside
You can't guess

The outgoing are shy
The peppy, suicidal
Head jock is bringing a gun to school tomorrow

Because there are only shadows
Where there is light
It follows you, melds to your life

Plagued by darkness
You work harder when you're
Mentally surround by death

You push harder, try harder
Run farther, go farther
But the more you go, the more you try to go
You're drained of your life

You begin the day in life
But return at the end to dark

Because when you're on the outside
Bathed by the high sun
Living in light,
There is still night

No light makes it inside
You think in darkness

No light makes it inside your chest
Your heart is swallowed in darkness

There is no light without the shadows
It cannot shine everywhere
It cannot defeat all
Night cannot be defeated

You are in the light...
... but you are sheltered by the dark

The author's comments:
You cannot have one without the other.

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