March 5, 2011
By Alfilisara DIAMOND, Peoria, Arizona
Alfilisara DIAMOND, Peoria, Arizona
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What would it be like
To have you here
with me

I’m freezing cold
Shivering and wet
Getting ready for bed
Dreading tomorrow
I know it’s gonna be cold
I won’t see you
There’s no school
Only practice for track

So how would it be
If you were here
beside me?

Would it be like lunch
When we only speak
Then go our separate ways
We must sleep?
Or the morning
when we hug goodbye
Then leave?

If it was different
Say all time and constrictions gone
How would it be

Would it be
like my dreams
The one I had last night
We fell asleep
When I woke up
we were holding hands

What would you say
Given the chance
Just to see me
Sit beside me tonight?

Would you falter
To hold my gaze?
Or would you keep it
Because you know I’d never
Turn away

If given the chance
To be with me
How would it be different
From all other times?
No constrictions
rules or reason
No time
It has completely stopped
I can’t believe
I’m saying it again
I swore I would never
It’s pointless to say
And almost always
A lie

I break
My own promise
If you were here
I wouldn’t know
what to do
how to act
what to be
I’d be so nervous
You’d completely have me

Even through
All these things
Even breaking my promise
This time it’s true
I know
If you were here tonight
I know how
It would be different

If you were here
I wouldn’t so badly
be missing you
tonight . . .

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