Subtle Love

March 5, 2011
By Alfilisara DIAMOND, Peoria, Arizona
Alfilisara DIAMOND, Peoria, Arizona
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I gave up
A piece of my heart today
Playing my game
Being so careful
Slipping inside

A finished book
I hand it off
All my thoughts
Of just one

A dance to come
A sweet night
Soon to be

The best friend
I could have
At any time
He’s there for me
Sometimes standing back
But there all the same

Getting so nervous
Being there with him
However we cannot be
Anything more than just friends

So today
When I gave up
A piece of my heart
Still playing my game
Being so careful, slipping inside
I changed things

A trust
Newly formed
A sweetness in the change be
So close we are
But not intimately

A silent love
A friendship, no romance
Could anyone understand
Our platonic love?

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