What Happened?

March 5, 2011
By mrpfowler BRONZE, Johnson City, Tennessee
mrpfowler BRONZE, Johnson City, Tennessee
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"Contol ta pain!"

What happened to daily walks to my house?
One mile.
That's all that seperates us.
Coming over for one certain reason,
Why can't you be my friend again?
Sure, our moms messed up, but that's our moms,
They do that kind of stuff.

Can we start over?

Shooting airsoft guns on the roof,
reenactment of the World Cup in the backyard.
We both called that fun, why don't you anymore?

Can we start over?

If I could redo that night,
We could still be friends,
Still come over and hang out,
Even if we had nothing to do.
At night staying up till four o'clock
In the morning playing PS3
Going to Civitan to play 3v3, and only playing one game.
Calling just to see what's up,
I would want to do that again.

Can we start over?

The author's comments:
A very emotional poem.

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