The monster i once knew

March 5, 2011
By deannababyy GOLD, Brandon, Florida
deannababyy GOLD, Brandon, Florida
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ever wonder about that girl you met way back when?
the one that became your best friend and eventually turned out to be the love of your life.

you thought you knew everything there was to know about me
but truth is , you knew nothing.

we thought we were happy, in love, happy ever after.
well, it all changed.

people change, move on , grow up
and you, ha you will never.

you're still that little 10 year old i once knew
lied to get your way and played girls like a card game.

i on the other hand have transformed
i am unique, one of a kind, a stranger to you.

youre not the one i once loved
but, at the same time you're exactly who you've always been.

i fell in love with a monster
you revealed the true you in a way i never wanted to experience.

you turned out to be who i never wanted you to be
not my knight in shining armor but a theif in the night.

i was scared, scared of you
you hurt me and made me weak.

but today, i am stronger
i am invensible and you can never change that.

memories of you have been vanished from my mind
i never wanted to remember what tore me apart

but now i want those memories
because that is what molded me to the become who i am today

that girl that you never fully understood
that you never tried to understasnd and be apart of

i am now right here looking at what used to be
and it hurts because each time i can feel those scars you left behind

who i am today is because of you
and i thank you for hurting me, making me suffer so that i could be me

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