A New Friend

March 5, 2011
By PatanRocks1210 GOLD, La Mesa, California
PatanRocks1210 GOLD, La Mesa, California
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[1] A teacher comes to open the gym,
Most of the class strolling in on a whim.
The most nervous student came in last
Haunted by the danger from the class.

[2] “All right, get in the game!”
[1] Yelled the teacher to the students dressed the same.
The class crowded to find a perfect racket,
And then hunted for the greatest net.

For the first time, the most nervous came into view
Of the tallest yet nicest who decided, [3] “There must be something I could do!”
[1] He stepped towards her and gave her a smile,
But she looked panicked like she were on trial.
[3] “Don’t worry,” [1] assured the tallest yet nicest,
[3] “I’m here to help, not here to jest.”
[1] He took her hand, with racket and birdie,
But the most nervous replied, [4]“It’s just not me.”
[1] But the tallest yet nicest refused to speak,
Helping her arm, oh quite helpless and meek.
She tossed the birdie out of panic,
Rather hurried and rushed like a fly at a picnic.
But the eyes of the tallest yet nicest were quite keen,
And took her hand with the racket and hit what he’d seen.
The most nervous heard a great smack!
And squeaked in fear then fell back.
The tallest yet nicest let out a laugh,
And the most nervous thought he was daft.
[3] “Look!” [1] said the tallest yet nicest. [3] “It’s stuck!”
[1] The most nervous then glanced at the net and replied, [4] “Oh, what luck!”
[1] Together they grinned and raced for the net,
And humorously played a rather odd set.
From that day on, they became very good friends,
Like a racket to a birdie, paired together until the end.

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