No Time

March 4, 2011
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Can't sit and wait for death
No time to feel alone
Doesn't matter any way
This place is not a home.
Why can't you at least look
At me.
Look. AT ME!
I should not be ignored.
Maybe I should,
Maybe I deserve this?
This empty cold world.
Void of other life
You see.
There is no color,
Not sound or taste.
Every thing is numbed
In here.
No room for you or even me.
Why must I be...
This person who is monotone in Emotion.
This person with a
Tiny blacked heart?
With no room in it to love
People let alone me?
Perhaps I have no time
To stop and see the other side.
It may be greener.
But I would never know
Only because I can't escape
This numbness that seeps from Inside out.
Its like cancer.
And it kills me.

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