The Color of Love

March 4, 2011
By DelaneySwims9 GOLD, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
DelaneySwims9 GOLD, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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"Never fear shadows, they simply mean there is light shining somewhere nearby"

The color of Love
Is a
Translucent Rainbow

At times you may not see it
Or believe it is not there

For the rain starts to pour
The winds start to blow
And the sky turns black

With flashes of light seeming to give you hope
Maybe a light will come your way
But then a mocking laugh booms across the sky
Reminding you of the love you are

But you try to battle the storm
And fight the winds
That seem to blow any hope you have

But then one day
The storm seems to settle
Battling the emptiness of your heart

A gift from God flutters
Across the sky
And its glittering, glowing presence
Catches your eye

Their colors gleaming
Warming and fixing a broken heart
Coming when you least expected it
Brightening your world

Translucent rainbows
Are the color of

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