A world that goes on By

March 4, 2011
There you all go,

Every day is moving so slow,

You can't imagine what I see,

All the sadness, despair, even an occasion kid scrap their knee,

As you all move, you don't take time

To notice me, a constant block, the color of a dime

How I bear the burden, to watch them in motion

When I can't move, otherwise I’d cause a commotion,

All the secrets and gossip I hold

Couldn’t be kept in the biggest pot of gold

All the break-ups, reunions, and meetings I’ve seen

Only to feel alone, there is only my emerald green ivy,

But its only there to lean atop me

Like the rest of the world

Uses me as a vault because I can’t be heard

Sometimes I wonder

How some people can ponder

Upon me

And never wonder

What I feel

And if I need to be healed

But then again

Who would care about a wall with an ivy train

It’s not like I have a life

But I will not strife,

You just wait and see,

Someday, a real being I'll be

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cutp9396 said...
Apr. 12, 2011 at 1:50 pm
Sometimes I feel the same way. Like no one out there in the world ever cares about how you feel or what you have to say. They just brush right past you and assume your okay.
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