as we hide in shadow

March 4, 2011
By Anonymous

wrapped in the
cold soft folds of
darkness, of night
a place i both love and hate.

he turns my head with
talk of warmth and happiness
an escape from my solitude
he lures me into his carefully set trap

offers to wrap me in
bold folds of
color and light
to take me to a place i love and hate.

my heart begins to faulter
he can play it so well
i start to believe as he speaks

"let me come with you
let me take you away
to a place warm and bright
a place where you can be free,
let me save you"

"but you can't save me,
i'm stuck in this place,
i both love and hate.
i'll always be stuck in a place
i love and hate..."

this is the end of me being cast aside,
of running to a place to hide.
if i have to rip my own heart out
this will be the end of him playing my heart strings.

the end of the lies,
the end of the games,
the hidden truths,
the secret hurts......

he's the thing i both love and hate

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