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March 3, 2011
By ceb20 SILVER, Salina, Kansas
ceb20 SILVER, Salina, Kansas
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"i can't see the trees, the forests in the way."

life is pain,
life is joy,
life is cold,
life is warm,
life is that one punch that takes your breath away,
life is the gentle hand that heals your scars,
life is full of light,
life is drained by dark,
life is to wonder,
life is to dream,
life is a mistake,
life is a second chance,
life is reality,
life is your imagination,
life is loving,
life is cruel,
life brings people together,
life tears them apart,
life is knowing how scary and unforgiving it is,
but still wanting to move on.
life is the beast that you learn to tame,
life is that single flower in the rain,
life is a birds song,
life is laughter of loved ones,
life is the breeze in the morning,
life is the moon in the night,
life is priceless,

life has it's end,
life is also endless.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my aunt who died in February.

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