Mommy Dearest

March 3, 2011
By Anonymous

“Goodbye momma”
those we’re the last words I said
I never thought I’d miss you momma
Your shouts that put me to bed
And punches that hurt my head
Your laughter still exists
Somewhere inside my soul
It occasionally comes out,
But I understand we all pay a toll
Your words do echo,
Inside my growing brain
And believe me sometimes,
Your sentences sure did stain
The power you screamed and your intended love,
Mixed me up inside
But I miss the good side momma
That, I wont try to hide
With every fear you brought,
A strength inside me grew
I feel all grown up,
Without ever have known the real you
You chose your bottle over me
And that I understand
Its just hard for a daughter to accept,
Her mother wont take her hand

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