What I Wish You Knew

March 3, 2011
It really doesn’t matter,
Because you will never know.
Though why do we have feelings,
If we can never let them show?
But if I were to give in,
And these feelings were exposed,
Would it be better then simply letting go?

But I have been taught,
Through my few years of learning,
That feelings, like dreams, cause an intense feeling of yearning.
And if I so choose that these words remain unsaid,
How long shall my thoughts remain uncorrupted?

For the potency of I love you
Has been acknowledged for some time.
It causes musicians to sing, and poets to rhyme.
Can you tell the difference between a line, the truth, and a lie?

But see
None of this really matters,
Because you shall never know.
For it is our sense of reason
That stops one from letting feelings show.
So if I am condemned to simply let you go,
The potency of I love you
We shall never know.

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