And So I Choose Insanity

March 3, 2011
From Dust the Soul was taken,
to Dust the Soul returns.
In Eternity,
the heart's love burns.
Let it be a light,
let it lead you through the mess that sense makes of feeling.
Emotion leave the mind reeling.
The heart and soul, the addicts.
Feeling, the drug.
Love, the addiction.
Thought, the complication.
Take a breath.
Breathe it in.
Let the seductiveness of impulsiveness under your skin.
Re-awoken memories hold the remorse of the mind.
The most shattered hearts heal with time.

To Dust the Soul returns,
from Dust the Soul was taken.
The melodies of life play softly;
the mind tries to make things orderly,
the heart lusts for chaos.
Revel in this feeling filled state called
The “different” and “weird” are beautiful and new.
The chaos of this so called Insanity become the heart.
From Dust to Dust, between Eternity and thought,
the heart and mind have always fought.

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