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March 3, 2011
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Dear Boy-who-thinks-he-loves-me:
Stop right there.
Don’t offer me sweet-summer words,
promises of sunlight and strawberry fields
and picnics in the grass
leaves in our hair,
Don’t ask me to like you.
a winter girl
just leave me in the rain –
I’m not looking to be romanced.

PS: I left the letters
in your locker.

Dear Girl-with-high-standards:
Shut up for a moment
and just listen:
Hear those empty halls?
That’s a life without like.
Are you sure it’s what you want?
We’ll be pretty lonely
if you keep waiting for a dream
that’ll never come.
I’m not trying to “romance” you
I just want your time.

PS: Keep them
Just in case.

Dear Boy-who-might-be-crazy:
Have you ever wished for something
besides a highschool crush,
a something more like
true love?
I don’t want to lose myself
to someone I barely know.
I don’t want to find a stranger
taking over my heart.
I’m very wary of you, Boy,
and I almost wish I wasn’t.
Girl, torn-and-tatters.

PS: Thank you for the daisies.
How did you know they’re my favorite?

Dear Girl, torn-and-tatters:
I haven’t.
But does this mean
my “crush” is returned?
I hate to laugh, but
your fears are so silly:
I won’t be stranger once you get to know me
What might start at a highschool crush
could end at what you call true love.
I’d be wary of me, too, Girl.
Boy, very-aware.

PS: Because
I know you.

Dear Boy, very-aware:
Ha ha. Very funny.
And you’re very sweet,
But don’t think you’ve won me over
just yet.
I need to focus on my studies –
Did you see me falling behind in Algebra?
– and you need to make it to Nationals.
x = -b ± (b2 – 4ac)½ = trombone trophy!


PS: Meet me in the library
after school.

Dear Girl-in-tutoring:

Well that was interesting.
In a nice way of course.
I’m sorry again that I was late;
I had to finish trombone practice.
If you still need help with Algebra,
we can have a picnic in the rain,
leaves in our hair
After all,
It’s fall.

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