February 27, 2011
By luvlcx3 BRONZE, Bourbonnais, Illinois
luvlcx3 BRONZE, Bourbonnais, Illinois
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I am alive

Our story is what keeps me

holds me

traps me

to my saved spot in the past.
Bookmarked, the corner of the page

turned down

for easy access.
I will reread it

all of it

its entirety

from the beginning.
From the first page of the chapter

titled with your name

I will read

sitting in this silent room.
There are four walls around me, a ceiling above

no windows

no light

but the pages are illuminated

from within.
They want to be read

they know

they hear

the falling tears.

becomes distress

for me

but they have won.
Finding a way

to tie me down

to pull me in

to trap me in this glass coffin

of memory.
Lines of yesterday

black type like rope

snake around my wrists

locking me in tight but

someone forgot to make the key.
I am these words

and they are me

and they are you

and they are us.
I am alive


thanks to this

These memories

keep me alive


bright shiny alive.
But worst of all

is I am living

not in now

but in your echo.
You get the present

and you gave me the past.

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