February 27, 2011
No one knows who they really are
Because everyone makes us out
To be somebody different
The emotions we display
And the actions we take
Are all interpreted differently
And it is based on this
That people judge us

No one truly understands themselves
Because if that were true
Then there would be no need
For lies to be told
Or secrets to be kept
Yet we lie everyday
Whether we know it or not

Because no one understands themselves
They feel the need to be accepted by others
It’s because of this we change ourselves
And become someone who we are not
Just to fit someone’s ideals
Because we feel that who we really are
Won’t be loved and accepted

But the fact is
Sometimes who we are
Isn’t who we want to be.
I could change my image, my name
Change what I do and what I say
But no matter what, deep inside…
I’ll always be me.
And I hope you'll accept that one day.

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cookiemonstaaa97 said...
Jun. 20, 2011 at 10:28 pm
you're an amazing writer. once my story is posted i'd be honored if you looked at it :)
Nettik replied...
Jun. 26, 2011 at 9:22 am
Thank you! Writing is one of the few things I love to do, and I'm glad that you like my works! I would love to read your stories once you post them. It might be awhile before I respond though because I'm on vacation, but I'll be looking forward to reading your works!
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