First Love

February 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Life has so many unexpectiong moments
One moment you're so in love and then your crying
The day is amazing until one person ruins it
Many a times I wish that i could have the courage you had
The courage to end my life
Many say it is weakness that makes you kill yourself
But we both know it takes great amounts of strength and courage
You were always the strong one, the one I could lean on
I try, try so hard to be like you but it never happens
So all I can do is pray, write,and slowly wither away
I wont be like you choosing the moment of my death
But I have reasons for this, I want a life, a family, and happiness
Not to end in nothingness, not to end without doing something great
So I'm sorry I didn't follow you as I had promised so many times
Life sucks and then you wish to die but it never happens
There is most likely a reason for that and I wish to find it soon
I love you, I miss you,and I'm sorry
Even if you were my first love it never was meant to be....

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