Morning Coffee

March 3, 2011
By Anonymous

I just wanted you to know,
I’m sorry.
Sorry I slink through the kitchen
Each Tuesday night
And throw the coffee pot
Out the window

so when you wake up
You smell coffee
And stub your toes on the bits
Of broken glass and breaking hearts.

I’m sorry
Outside our window
lies the graveyard of pots and coffee shells
Reminders of the many nights
I put you and I through hell.

And I’m sorry I leave
as fast as I’d come.
Then drink myself silly
on guilt
to fill the void of coffee
because both have the same bitter after-taste anyway.

I’m also sorry
That when I’m hurting
I just want to push someone away
So they can relate
With a bit of their own pain
And the fights may be silly
and may be in vain
And I’m sorry we no longer enjoy coffee
Because our hearts share the stains

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