Valentine Duck

March 3, 2011
By lheart BRONZE, Montague, California
lheart BRONZE, Montague, California
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Me without you is like a nerd without braces,

a shoe without laces,


And baby, you know it's not phases, because I'll have chases of you in blazes of places

through mazes until I find you with those cases



I don't care if you can't fly above

like a dove

Because you're a musician

And I see your poetic visions

Your instrumental dictions

THAT! Drains my downs and frowns

Creeping up beautiful sounds,

Of C's and D's

Of you's and me's

You know me from the outside in’s,

Towards my desires, dreams sins

What's that? How far would I go for you?

passed an infinity and two

You make me feel like

A cat jumping from trees,

I don't fall on my knees, nor get fur mixed with fleas,

I stick with the path next to the seas

When picking "those" flowers away from the bees


Those flowers are for you

I'll never pick less then two

Please don't think I'm a wanna-Be

Because baby, I'll be anyone you want me to be.

When I think of us

I think of our trust

We never bite the dust

I never must bust the fuss between us

because I love you. Not, not

straight to the dot

Even enough so to give up my parking lot spot


Those of who you are of one

I'd hold an umbrella for you in the sun

Not because a burn is fun

But because I love you for air

I dehydrate not if I dare

Know that you are my support to life

I see my back to no knife

And if we see no husband to wife

I'll love you forever for you are my life.

You shine up my day, make the bad go away

I wanted you to know if I do or don't say

That, that's that baby

This poems for you-and no maybes

I'll love you above all other ladies

I doubt that

You doubt

That I think I doubt

But of course you'll doubt that

The things you do

and the things you don't think you do

amaze me more then less then a few

But of course this is true

Just you and nobody or who;

CAN; View

Those your beautiful mirrors of blue

But I can

Just like you to me can scan

You look on to me as a fan

Not touching your skin like a vam- pire

You give me warning like ship to land

For you're a beautiful dork to the band

You aren't like any other to my heart

Especially not after love Mario cart

I know you wouldn't grab my heart of tares

Because you care about me and not my past affairs

You would hold my heart's feetys like sweet warm sands

I trust my heart in only your hands

Ever sense the day we met

I've seen the future of our love grown if let,

Into more then just beautiful loving wishes of a fairy tale.

And only beauty can come from a thing like that

Without you, there is no me

I lime green you my ducky Princess

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a special friend

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