Our Personal Experience Prisons Poetry

March 3, 2011
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Have you ever been called a loser, anorexic, or that you're nothing?
and wished you could change everything they said in a snap
that's how I felt it was like a nightmare because everyday
was another confrontation of words that made the hurt
and pain grow more and even though it didn't look like it
on the outside it was getting deeper and deeper on the
inside. Like a hole that couldn't be filled up.

Sometimes I felt like I couldn't get up in the
morning because I just thought " What's the
point of even going to school if it's the same thing over
and over again?" The truth is I had to fight it on my own.

But as I see myself today I am no longer
trapped in a box. I am on top of the mountain
because I don't let the negative things
that people say bother me and I can break
free from all of it now and never let it bother me again.
I learned a long time ago that sometimes
you have to start looking the demons in the eyes
and show them what you're made of and that you're
not trapped or imprisoned but that you are a
super hero in and out because you are breaking free
and not turning back.

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