What he did..Trust and Disgusted

March 3, 2011
I gave him my all
I tried not to stumble and fall
I gave him my honest word
That i would never give up on him
I feel he betrayed me
He let me go the minute he knew my weakness
He gave up on me the time i said okay
He nver wanted anything to do with me
He lied and said it was okay to love
But he didnt say love in return would hurt
I loved him,I thought Why
How could he tell me this and leave me to drown.
Im almost done and over him
He comes to me and about his doudtful lies.
I cried tell him NO
I refuse to let myself me a showboat.
He will laugh and joke with his friends about me
But this time i kept my pride leaving him and all the hurtful memories he caused me behind.

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