What is Life

March 3, 2011
By codman1004 GOLD, Polk City, Iowa
codman1004 GOLD, Polk City, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
“Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.”

What is Life?
Is it a game?
A song
What is it?
Is it a vapor?
Here once
Gone next
Is Life to live?
Then to die?
Is it to be famous?
To be rich
To know your future
Is it in Iowa?
A little town
From small town,
To fame
Is life to love?
To be kind to those you hates
Is your life is what you make it
Is it something so simple?
That can't be explained
Is it?
The fire of night
Is it?
The sun
Is the power to do better?
Or the regret of failure
What is life to me?
What is life to you?
Life to me,
Is the power to succeed?
To do better
To be better
To be a better brother
Or for you
To be a better father
Do you strive for life?
Or are you like me
To be better in all things
To run faster
And farther
In the race of life
Not to win
But to sauced
From the lowest of lows
From the highest of highs
From the depths of hell
To the golden city
From life come all
But to death what may come
Is life what you want?
Or what you need
Is life everything?
Or nothing
To life one may be but to death
One may not be
People love life?
Or family
Is their life worth it?
Is my life worth it?
Can I be used?
To help
To harm
To destroy
Am I apart of this world?
Or am I a ghost
Trapped in my body
No control
Stuff happens
I can't control
Do I feel the pain?
Of what yesterday brought
Do I live?
For today
Or tomorrow
Do I plan to far ahead?
What do I do when this
Or that
For anything that happens.
Am I ready?
To fight
To fight for what I love
Or to die trying
Who am I?
Am I a ghost?
Am I a vapor?
Am I me?

The author's comments:
I don't know I just sat down and ask myself, 'What life is'? I gave it to my English teacher and she loved it

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